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Dual Adjustable Pulley

Dual Adjustable Pulley Pre owned Life Fitness Strength Multi Adjustable Bench

  • Sold refurbished prices from £1500 plus delivery and vat
    (including a 12 month warranty)
  • White frames (Custom Corporate colours available at an additional cost of £500 per colour)
  • Dimensions 124cm x 122cm x 239cm high
  • weight stack 2 X 140 kgs

The Life Fitness Dual Adjustable pulley was the first designed pulley system of this type and without question, the best.    The DAP’s open shape allows a 360 degree workout, allowing you to fine tune the direction of the resistance profile and perform the linear converging, diverging and diagonal movement exercise patterns.  It is the ultimate piece for functional strength, sports specific training or just plain toning and core work.

The independent pulley systems allow iso-lateral training to be performed which encourages muscle balance as each limb has to do its own work.  Therefore the stronger limb cannot compensate the weaker limb, as on fixed path resistance equipment.

Whether your training involves bi-lateral movements, alternate limb movements, one limb at a time or combination (combo) movements, the DAP is limitless.

Fully adjustable pulleys allow standing, ball, bench, seated or lying exercises to be performed.

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