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We are specialists in sales and rentals of new and re-engineered gym equipment for both home and commercial environments.

We pride ourselves on offering top quality refurbished equipment. We also offer delivery, installation, servicing, parts and repairs.
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Summer rentals – from July 17 take advantage of our extended rental offer for all home rentals. Take out 3 months rental and as a new customer you will receive an extra month free (4 months for the price of 3). This applys to Treadmills, Crosstrainers, Upright bikes, recumbent Bikes, Steppers and stairclimbers and rowers. Call 07912 630888 for details

9th June 2017
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We are currently adding new items
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New and Used Gym Equipment Northamptonshire

F3 Folding Treadmill

F3 Folding Treadmill Code: GA 10007 Make: Life Fitness Model: F3 home folding treadmill Type: Ex -demo Attributes: Easy to use. Dual gas assisted springs to help with raising and lowering. Effortless storage and set up. Great for Space efficiency Price range: £1550.00...

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93T Classic Treadmill (Refurbished)

93T Classic Treadmill (Refurbished) Code: GA10003 Make : Life Fitness Model: 93T Classic Treadmill (Refurbished) Type: Ex-commercial, refurbished treadmill Attributes: Easy to use Fully refurbished price £1850 plus vat & delivery Price including vat £2220.00...

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90T Treadmill (Refurbished)

90T Treadmill (Refurbished) Code: GA10034 Make : Life Fitness Model: 90T Treadmill (Fully Refurbished) Type: Ex-Light commercial, fully refurbished treadmill Attributes: Easy to use and very space efficient model. Price: sold refurbished prices from £1295.00 –...

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95Ti ‘Silverline’ Treadmill (Refurbished)

95Ti ‘Silverline’ Treadmill (Refurbished) Code: GA10001 Make: Life Fitness Model: 95Ti Silverline Treadmill (Fully Refurbished) Type: Ex-commercial refurbished treadmill Attributes: Life Fitness’s best selling model. Top of the range and easy to use. Price : Fully...

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9500 Next Generation Treadmill (Refurbished)

9500 Next Generation Treadmill (Refurbished) Code: GA10005 Make : Life Fitness Model: 9500hr Next Generation Treadmill ( Refurbished ) Type: Ex-commercial, fully refurbished treadmill Attributes: Easy to use with full specification of programmes Price: sold...

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New Life Fitness G7

New Life Fitness G7 Expertly designed multi functional cable trainer. Dual weight stacks allow iso-lateral exercises (exercising limbs simultaneously but independently), to be performed. This is excellent for core body strength training and toning. Iso-lateral...

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New Life Fitness G5

New Life Fitness G5 Expertly designed multi functional cable trainer Adjustable pulley columns allow 20 different positions Full set of cable attachments with quick connect cable ends for speedy changeover between exercises. Expertly designed biomechanically to enable...

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Life Fitness FSF3

FSF3 Code: FSF3 Make: Life Fitness Type: 3 Multi-gym Dimension: 260cm x 260cm x 211cm Life fitness space saving multi gym which is designed well and is ultra space efficient.  Stations incorporate Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Lateral pulldown, Chest press and shoulder...

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